Outlook.pst Can Not Be Accessed – Getting Error 0x80040116

If you are unable to access the Outlook and getting a 0x80040116 error, then follow this step by step solution to fix this Outlook data file error 0x80040116.

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Create SharePoint Flow For Outlook Mail And Save Attachments Into A SharePoint Library

Microsoft flow for the Outlook mail helps store attachments and .eml files of the mail in the SharePoint library that make it easier to manage incoming emails.

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Reactive Forms – setValue, patchValue And valueChanges

Reactive forms are completely different as compared to template-driven forms. Here, we create form structure first, before we jump into HTML code and it helps to separate components models with help of controls and group for easy understanding and targeting to fulfill the specific model operations.

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SharePoint 2016 Mobile View Not Working On Mobile Devices

The last couple of days, I was stuck in an issue where whenever the users browsed the sites on their mobile devices, the Mobile View was not working. It showed a blank page with Site collection name on the top left and monilesuitenavbar in the bottom of one of the SharePoint 2016 on-premise farms. When they clicked on the eclipsis and switched to the PC View, nothing happened. Let us see how to resolve this issue.

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